Sir Robin Duke is a 1996 Registered AQHA/88% NFQHA blue roan stallion. He has the characteristic distinct black head, legs, and absolutely no brown or bay hairs in his coat. Consistently, he produces colored offspring and almost always out produces himself in stature. He also has the classic foundation conformation; heavily muscled, sturdy bone and foot, large jaw and gentle eyes. These old time foundation horses are hard to find.

Robin’s pedigree boasts many of the infamous foundation horses that made Quarter Horse history to include Quincy Dan, Joe Reed II, Leo, King P-234, Docs Prescription, Doc Bar, Wimpy, and Poco Bueno to just name a few. You will not find many of these bloodlines around especially in the Southeast.

We admire this horse’s ability to “think”. He does not waste his energy on frivolous things such as a whirlwind of leaves blowing by him. Instead, Robin will look at the situation and “think” it over. Robin has such a good work ethic and puts his heart into the task asked of him. He has made a name for himself throughout Canada and the Western states for producing progeny that are “born broke”, have super endurance, and also have the ability to think through situations.

Do not let Robin’s ranch resume fool you. He has recently been started in basic dressage to help encourage softness and balance. Currently, he is learning how to work on the bit, flex at the poll, soften, and lengthen/shorten his strides. He learned how to sidepass at the walk and trot in one lesson; did we mention he is very intelligent? Wow! a horse that can really dig in and work a cow one day and perform basic dressage movements the next day. Now, that is a versatile horse!

Sir Robin Duke is an ApHC and APHA approved stallion

EVA Negative and vaccinated

Live Cover only offered at this time

Stud Fee for 2009 $550

Live foal guarantee

All mares most have a negative uterine culture no more than 30 days prior to breeding date
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